Roger Dugmore is one of Botswana’s most highly qualified professional guides. The son of a former Great White Hunter who traveled widely through Africa, wilderness is a part of life for him – indeed, when he first arrived in Maun almost forty years ago, trips to school by boat usually involved dodging hippos and crocodiles, and lions and elephants were still a common sight in the small frontier town.

Roger has been conducting photographic safaris since 1989 and his passion, knowledge, and experience of wild areas translate into an unforgettable adventure in some of the most beautiful parts of Botswana. His personal interests lie in photography and videography, and many of his photographs have been exhibited in Botswana’s National Museums. He has assisted film crews in the making of many documentaries, including “phpects of Life” and “The Last Edens” featuring the Okavango Delta and the Kalahari Desert. Most recently he has been involved in film productions in Zanzibar.

Roger’s philosophy is that every safari is a journey of discovery, where each sunrise marks the beginning of another day of adventure. He is uniquely qualified to take you to wild and untamed areas in absolute comfort, including three-course meals, hot showers, cold drinks, and gives personal attention to your satisfaction and enjoyment. He prides himself in the number of guests that return each year, eager to once again experience their Roger Dugmore adventures. He also tells some pretty good tall tales around the campfire… I would choose an adventure with Roger over any other safari in Botswana.

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