I arrived in southern Africa in 1957 as a five year-old with my parents who had emigrated from Europe. Very early on I developed a keen interest in, indeed a passion for, wildlife which abounded in many parks in our new country, Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. Richard is able to conduct a safari in French making him popular with people from France.Most holidays were spent in the bush where I could study the local flora and fauna. Later, whilst at secondary school and at university, I expanded my naturalist’s horizon to include visits to parks and reserves in Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa and Malawi. I worked for a few years as a government administrator in wilderness areas in Zimbabwe. I first visited the Okavango Delta in 1977 and was so taken by it that I subsequently decided to move there, taking up a post as operations manager and resident naturalist for a safari company based in the heart of the Delta. During my time in the Delta I accompanied many groups and individuals on walks and boat trips and trained local professional guides.

Some of these groups were associated with museums or academic institutions (e.g. Smithsonian Museum, Harvard University, California Academy of Science). I also led French-speaking groups, having learned French from my mother who grew up in Paris.In 1992 I took up a post as General Manager and naturalist at a new and large safari Lodge in Kasane, in the far north of Botswana. I was responsible for 12 professional guides and personally undertook specialized guiding. During my time there I guided, on request, groups, family parties and international dignitaries. Amongst the latter were the President of Botswana, President Rawlings of Ghana, the Prime Minister of Malaysia,Princess Alexandra of the United Kingdom and, in 1998, President Clinton of USA and his wife Hilary. Since July 2002 I have resided in Maun, managing a safari company and guiding groups to the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park.My interests encompass mammals, birds (I am a committee member of BirdLife Botswana), reptiles, amphibians, flora and astronomy. I am a citizen of Botswana.

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