Private Safari Guides




Private Safari Guides

Where appropriate we use private Guides on your Safari.

Below are a few of the Guides we may propose, but we have many others on our list

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Safari Guide Ralph Bousefield

Ralph Bousfield

Ralph comes from a long line of African pioneers and adventurers. His family has guided safaris for four generations, the first guide being his maternal great grandfather, Major Richard Granville Nicholson, who escorted Princess Eugenie to see her son's grave and the site where he was killed in the Zulu war on the 1st June 1879.

Ralph's father, Jack, grew up hunting crocodiles in Tanganyika with his father and was one of the first Great White Hunters to turn his back on hunting become a conservationist. Ralph studied Nature Conservation and did his thesis on the Wattled Crane as an indicator species of Wetland Destruction. He furthered his studies at the International Crane Institute in Wisconsin under the famous George Archibald, who captive bred the Whooping Crane back from extinction.

Ralph then worked with his mother to establish Botswana's first Wildlife Orphanage and Education Centre and upon Jack's tragic death in 1992 built Jack's Camp in Jack's memory (on the site of Jack's original, and considerably more rustic, camp from the 1960s). In 1998 Ralph co-produced and presented a sixteen part series for the Discovery Channel entitled 'Uncharted Africa', which was filmed in Botswana, Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania.

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Safari Guide Mark Tennant

Mark Tennant

I have been involved in the wildlife and tourism industries since the mid eighties when I became a volunteer for a Vulture Study Group. As I watched the vulture, and learnt about them, I became more and more fascinated by this bird and its habitat. Soon my part-time ventures into the wilds of Africa became fulltime.

I have been incredibly fortunate to have been involved in so many interesting projects during my years in these industries…..from the early development and establishment of luxury game lodges, to the reintroduction of wildlife, international marketing trips, lecturing on animal behavior at Oxford University, and doing the first live radio interview from my 4x4 in the bush.

I have been privileged to spend years observing animals and their behavior in their natural environments. I spent six months tracking and filming one leopard, and have spent more than six years closely following a pack of wild dogs in Northern Botswana. I am a real enthusiast of this socially complex, endangered species.

I have a great passion for birds and whenever I travel my binoculars are always close at hand. My other interests include frogs, butterflies, paleo-anthropology and human origins. Of course, there is also my photography! I enjoy photography and getting the right shot…..and I have been lucky to win a number of local and international photography awards over the years.

Today I focus on many spectra of the wildlife field: private guiding, photography, tourism marketing and conservation. I offer privately guided safaris in some of the most pristine and remote wilderness areas in Africa. I am regularly called upon to assist in the production of wildlife documentaries and am currently featured in a TV series called “Mad Mike and Mark” which is screened internationally on Animal Planet.

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Safari Guide Mike Penman

Mike Penman

Mike Penman (Mad Mike from the Mad Mike and Mark Animal Planet series) has been involved in conservation of wildlife for 20 years, of which the last 15 years have been guiding safaris throughout Botswana. He is a Professional Guide who has focused his interests on many spectrums of the wildlife field, notably that of tracking big game, photography and film making avenues, producing documentaries on ‘both ends of the camera’.



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Safari Guide Ian Johnson

Ian Johnson

Ian Johnson is a Professional Safari Guide, Eco-tourism Consultant, and Professional Photographer. Ian qualified as a microbiologist and studied conservation in the Cape. He has lived and worked throughout Africa’s Great Rift Valley in some of Africa’s greatest wildlife destinations from South Africa to Northern Kenya to Egypt.

As a photographer Ian has received several Southern African and International Awards for his wildlife and natural history photography, he runs a successful photography business & does photo journalism for numerous publications namely Africa Geographic, Msafiri, & Conde’Naste House and Garden.
He is also a freelance cameraman for the BBC Natural History Unit, having worked on a number of documentaries, including Big Cat Diaries in the Maasai Mara and is a specialist consultant on Leopards for the unit.

Through his Eco-consulting business he has taught and worked with guides, trackers and wardens from the forests and gorillas of Uganda, to the vast Serengeti/Mara, along the entire East African coast, to the Okavango Delta and Linyati ecosystems, to the Sabi Sands and Northern Maputuland biosphere reserves. Ian’s motivation for training is in that he fully believes the guides of Africa are one of the most important keys to its survival.

Ian’s experience has made him a specialist in animal behaviour giving him an uncanny, intuitive ability to predict and anticipate animals and situations! Being a photographer plus an ethologist he is able to put his guests in the very best position to capture the moment!
Being a naturalist extraordinaire he believes people need to be totally rejuvenated and energised after having experienced a safari in Africa. A place that offers raw unadulterated energy to those who want it!

Ian believes in adventure & thrills! And this is what he has been doing for the last 16 years by constantly striving to spread the magic of Africa through his guest’s veins while on safari!

Ian’s Mission is :

“ To Ensure People never stop loving Africa through initiating an everlasting love affair with the magical continent by creating a sense of responsibility for its future”



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John Davey

John was born in Zimbabwe and spent most of his youth on a remote ranch, where he acquired bush skills from his daily interaction with the local people. He has spent the past 15 years guiding in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana and has acquired an all round knowledge of animal behavior and wildlife.John is a keen photographer with a specific interest in birds. He has escorted a number of prominent visitors on safari including the Japanese Imperial family. His services are often used by various museum, zoo and wildlife support groups. John imparts to guests his genuine love for the African bush and enjoys sharing his knowledge with those interested in wildlife.




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Lisa Reed Photo

Lisa Reed

Lisa Reed was born in 1974 in Zimbabwe and spent her school years in South Africa. Lisa has lived in Botswana since January 1996. Lisa has studied Tour Operations formally but has spent most of her working life in or associated with Safari camps.Lisa has worked or visited most Southern and East African safari countries but still rates Botswana's wilderness as the best. Her interest in children and education was triggered in her early adult years in Zimbabwe where she worked with children in the bush. Recently Lisa spent 2 months seconded to Heritage Hotels and worked with Tania Plakonouris who established the renowned children's program for Heritage Hotels.Lisa has managed safari camps on her own and with others since being in Botswana and now lives in Maun and is based in Kwando Safaris head office. Among her many duties she handles the jpgt shops stocking as well handling special projects - especially those that involve art and design.Lisa has a natural affinity with children and enjoys passing on her years of bush love, experience and knowledge to the next generation. The Kwando Safaris children's program is unique in that it is family orientated and uses her services as a private guide as part of the families safari adventure.


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Richard Randall

I arrived in southern Africa in 1957 as a five year-old with my parents who had emigrated from Europe. Very early on I developed a keen interest in, indeed a passion for, wildlife which abounded in many parks in our new country, Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. Richard is able to conduct a safari in French making him popular with people from France.Most holidays were spent in the bush where I could study the local flora and fauna. Later, whilst at secondary school and at university, I expanded my naturalist’s horizon to include visits to parks and reserves in Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa and Malawi. I worked for a few years as a government administrator in wilderness areas in Zimbabwe. I first visited the Okavango Delta in 1977 and was so taken by it that I subsequently decided to move there, taking up a post as operations manager and resident naturalist for a safari company based in the heart of the Delta. During my time in the Delta I accompanied many groups and individuals on walks and boat trips and trained local professional guides.

Some of these groups were associated with museums or academic institutions (e.g. Smithsonian Museum, Harvard University, California Academy of Science). I also led French-speaking groups, having learned French from my mother who grew up in Paris.In 1992 I took up a post as General Manager and naturalist at a new and large safari Lodge in Kasane, in the far north of Botswana. I was responsible for 12 professional guides and personally undertook specialized guiding. During my time there I guided, on request, groups, family parties and international dignitaries. Amongst the latter were the President of Botswana, President Rawlings of Ghana, the Prime Minister of Malaysia,Princess Alexandra of the United Kingdom and, in 1998, President Clinton of USA and his wife Hilary. Since July 2002 I have resided in Maun, managing a safari company and guiding groups to the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park.My interests encompass mammals, birds (I am a committee member of BirdLife Botswana), reptiles, amphibians, flora and astronomy. I am a citizen of Botswana.


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Roger Dugmore

Roger Dugmore is one of Botswana’s most highly qualified professional guides. The son of a former Great White Hunter who traveled widely through Africa, wilderness is a part of life for him – indeed, when he first arrived in Maun almost forty years ago, trips to school by boat usually involved dodging hippos and crocodiles, and lions and elephants were still a common sight in the small frontier town.

Roger has been conducting photographic safaris since 1989 and his passion, knowledge, and experience of wild areas translate into an unforgettable adventure in some of the most beautiful parts of Botswana. His personal interests lie in photography and videography, and many of his photographs have been exhibited in Botswana’s National Museums. He has assisted film crews in the making of many documentaries, including “phpects of Life” and “The Last Edens” featuring the Okavango Delta and the Kalahari Desert. Most recently he has been involved in film productions in Zanzibar.

Roger’s philosophy is that every safari is a journey of discovery, where each sunrise marks the beginning of another day of adventure. He is uniquely qualified to take you to wild and untamed areas in absolute comfort, including three-course meals, hot showers, cold drinks, and gives personal attention to your satisfaction and enjoyment. He prides himself in the number of guests that return each year, eager to once again experience their Roger Dugmore adventures. He also tells some pretty good tall tales around the campfire… I would choose an adventure with Roger over any other safari in Botswana.


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